Veterinary Services and Pet Health - Houston, Texas

Our fully equipped, full-service state-of-the-art Northwest Houston animal hospital allows us to focus on pet health and wellness, the early diagnosis of various medical conditions, as well as the implementation of surgical procedures whenever needed. Our veterinary hospital is happy to be an emergency veterinarian Jersey Village can trust and equally happy to offer the following veterinary services.

Veterinary Services

Pet health and wellness care include annual exams, vaccinations, heartworm and flea prevention, and microchipping services, as well as diet and nutrition. Our veterinary clinic emphasizes client education and enjoys partnering with owners to ensure health and happiness throughout the life of their companions.
Veterinary surgery includes everything from spays and neuters to orthopedic or reconstructive procedures, all expertly monitored by a veterinary technician. Our veterinary hospital also offers laser surgery which may be performed using our CO2 laser which results in less pain and enhanced recovery.
Our Houston veterinary clinic is equipped with a custom-designed glass Intensive Care Unit, IV pumps, and oxygen cages. Our animal hospital’s experience with veterinary internal medicine ranges from organ dysfunction to infectious disease to endocrine disorders…and everything in between.
With a full line of advanced laboratory equipment, our animal clinic can receive accurate blood results within minutes to assist in accurate diagnosis and treatment of any condition.
Our pet hospital stresses the importance of veterinary dentistry. We offer ultrasonic scaling, polishing, and fluoride treatments to keep your pet’s smile healthy and fresh.
With an Aloka ultrasound system on-site, our animal clinic has an additional tool to use for quick and accurate diagnosis of disease and illness.
Our pet hospital has a digital x-ray machine and processor on-site so we can use radiographs when necessary to more quickly and accurately diagnose your pet.
Computerized EKG allows us to diagnose and treat specific heart-related conditions. We also have the ability to teleconference with a Board-Certified Cardiologist.
Our facilities also have a separate quarantined area with recycled and sterilized air to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

Our veterinarians serving Houston, Texas are dedicated to providing genuine and professional veterinary services. That is why our pet hospital practices extensive pain management for all invasive procedures and painful disease processes to minimize discomfort and hasten recovery. Our pet hospital wants to ensure that you and your pets have the most comfortable experience possible, so we make it our mission to give you a customized experience that caters to your individual needs.

Pet Boarding (Feline and Canine)

Overnight Pet Boarding - Houston, TX

Going on vacation? Our pet hospital can look after your furry friends so that they can experience a vacation of their own! With our list of cozy accommodations, you can feel confident that your pets will be comfortable and well-pampered! Our friendly pet boarding staff prides themselves in keeping your beloved pets happy and healthy while you’re away. And with a full veterinary medical team just steps away at our pet clinic, you can feel secure in knowing that any unexpected illness or condition will be addressed right away.

Our veterinary clinic’s resort suites offer indoor/outdoor rooms that are spacious and cozy. Your dog will feel right at home with our Houston vet. The services and the amenities that we offer with our Canine Resort Suites include:

• Televisions for entertainment
• Soft, plush bed
• Soft, rubber flooring
• Climate control
• Private, and spacious fenced yard

For general pet boarding, we offer comfortable, roomy runs with glass doors and soft, rubber flooring, as well as clean, steel cages for our smaller visitors.
Our cat condos are a bright and warm “cat only” area that provides lots of natural sunlight and privacy. Our feline guests feel purrfectly happy staying with us! Each condo has a perch and a main floor. Have more than one cat? The Condos that we offer can open to easily accommodate multiple family members in the same interconnecting suite.
All of our canine guests have access to both of our large, secure play yards. Sodded with Tiff Eagle Bermuda golf course quality grass, dogs can run and play in the sunshine! All guests have playtime 2 to 4 times a day.

Pet Grooming (Feline and Canine)

Pet Grooming - Houston, TX

We are happy to announce we have added pet grooming to our list of veterinary services! After many years, our animal clinic has finally found a groomer that provides the same level of skill and professionalism you expect from our animal hospital’s veterinarians and staff! Our groomer of choice, Carol has served pets with grooming and veterinary services for 35 years.

With Carol’s years of experience, she has perfected that art of her profession. You can rest easy knowing that Carol has perfected her handling skills from encountering all shapes, sizes, and temperaments of canines and felines. That’s right! Carol also specializes in cat grooming! Rest assured that your companion will return energized from their day with Carol and her pampering touch.

Grooming offers many benefits other than just keeping your companion looking and smelling great. Grooming allows a skilled set of eyes to look over your pet and detect problems that may go unnoticed until your next annual exam! Groomers often discover matted fur, ticks, lumps, bumps, and other injuries. Regular grooming can also prevent matting and other unnecessary but common pet hair problems. You can compare matting to a ponytail pulled and knotted too tight – hair that constantly pulls at the skin in a painful manner.

Carol offers a wide range of services, but a basic grooming package includes bathing, drying, expressing anal glands, a nail trim, plucking and cleaning your pet’s ears, and is finished off with a bandana and pet cologne. Please call our veterinary clinic at (713) 466-8542 for a complete list of services.

We are proud to offer this range of services to the pets of Northwest Houston, Texas, and the communities of Jersey Village, Kohrville, Cyprus, and beyond.