Pet Health and Wellness Resources


• Acupuncture
• Acupuncture in Animals

Behavior in Cats

• Biting and Scratching
• Bringing a New Cat Home
• Cats and Their Litterboxes
• Correcting Unwanted Behavior
• Feline Social Behavior & Selection of a New Kitten
• Improper Bathroom Behavior
• Prevent Your Cat from Scratching the Furniture
• Scratching Posts
• Spraying
• Training Your Cat to use a Litterbox

Behavior in Dogs

• Barking
• Crate Training
• Leash Pulling
• Nipping
• Separation Anxiety
• Why Does My Dog Eat Poop?

Cat Care

• Cat Care from AAHA
• Toxoplasmosis (AVMA)

Disaster Preparedness

• Pet Emergency Preparedness
• Pets and Disaster Safety Checklist
• Red Cross Pets and Disaster Safety

Disease and Treatment

• Types of Cancer and Treatment

General, Lodging, Informative

• Lodging for You and Your Pets
• Pet Columns (Topics on Everything and Anything Pet Related!) University of Illinois

Healthy Living and Nutrition

• Choosing a Pet Food
• Helping Your Pet Live Longer
• Pet Obesity is a Growing Problem
• What Should You Feed Your Dog?

Heart Disease

• Pets with Heart Disease


• Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth
• Oral Health FAQs
• Trimming Your Dog’s Nails (AAHA)


• Neurology FAQs

Parasites and Zoonotic Disease

• Companion Animal Parasite Council (Directory of All Known Parasites)
• Why is it important to protect your pets from parasites?

Pet Loss Support

• Coping through Holidays and Special Event Days
• Coping with Guilt
• Experience of Pet Loss
• How to Support a Loved One Who Is Grieving
• Pet Loss Support
• Reactions of Other Pets in the Home
• Self- Care During the Grieving Process
• Signs that you are Healing
• Ways to Memorialize Your Pet

Pet Safety

• Animal Poison Control Center
• Common Poisonous Household Plants
• Preparing Your Home for a New Dog

Seasonal Pet Safety Tips

• Enjoy the Holidays While Keeping Your Pet Safe