A golden retriever getting a bath and receiving grooming services in Houston, TX

We are happy to announce we have added pet grooming to our list of veterinary services! After many years, our animal clinic has finally found a groomer that provides the same level of skill and professionalism you expect from our animal hospital’s veterinarians and staff! Our groomer of choice, Carol has served pets with grooming and veterinary services for 35 years.

With Carol’s years of experience, she has perfected that art of her profession. You can rest easy knowing that Carol has perfected her handling skills from encountering all shapes, sizes, and temperaments of canines and felines.

Specialized Cat Grooming Services

That’s right! Carol also specializes in cat grooming! Rest assured that your companion will return energized from their day with Carol and her pampering touch.

Benefits of Pet Grooming

Grooming offers many benefits other than just keeping your companion looking and smelling great. Grooming allows a skilled set of eyes to look over your pet and detect problems that may go unnoticed until your next annual exam! Groomers often discover matted fur, ticks, lumps, bumps, and other injuries. Regular pet grooming can also prevent matting and other unnecessary but common pet hair problems. You can compare matting to a ponytail pulled and knotted too tight – hair that constantly pulls at the skin in a painful manner.

Carol offers a wide range of pet grooming services, but a basic grooming package includes bathing, drying, expressing anal glands, a nail trim, plucking and cleaning your pet’s ears, and is finished off with a bandana and pet cologne.

We are proud to offer this range of services to the pets of Northwest Houston, Texas, and the communities of Jersey Village, Kohrville, Cypress, and beyond.

For a complete list of our pet grooming services, or to schedule cat or dog grooming services, call us at
(713) 466-8542.