Hometown:  Cypress

Started at JVAH:  October 2022

Education/ training:   I started at a small clinic near my house with little experience.   There I was trained and did online courses.   I’ve been a tech for over a year now and I am learning new things every day!

Family:  Mexican immigrant parents.     Two older siblings, Aldo and Angelica.

Pets:  Great Dane (Danely Du Duke), Chihuahua (Bebe), Cocker Spaniel (Shakira), Chihuahua mix (Pierre), Chihuahua/ Pomeranian mix (Luna), and six cats (Neo, Haris, Manolo, Nina, Cookie, and Krystal)

Favorite part of the job:  Seeing noticeable results in patients with on-going treatment

Hobbies and interests:  I love dressing up for any occasion, visiting local markets, late night drives, and skateboarding

Ever since I was little I wanted to have a job that involved helping animals. I hope I’ve made little me proud!